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Bradford Township

Bradford Township was established in 1875. Before that time it had been a part of Springvale.

The township was named by Rev. Charles Booth, and Episcopal minister from Bradford, England, who took a claim in the township in the early 1870’s.

He served as a missionary/circuit rider, holding regular church meetings (in English) at the Cambridge school house and other points around the county. He also served as county superintendent of schools for many years.

The McKenneys were early settlers and F. E. McKenney had a store and post office near the first school in the township, No. 7.

Other early settlers were the Albrechts, Margets, Kienitzs, Kriesels, Klucks, Strikes, Ulrichs and A. C. Smiths-German immigrants as well as New Englanders. Later, Swedish immigrants settled there, some of the earliest being the Engquists.

School Districts:

  • No. 7-Bradford, 18
  • No. 17-Sandy Knoll, 34
  • No. 35-Kienitz, 11
  • No. 36-Bergdahl, 24

Churches and Cemeteries:

  • German Lutheran Church (and Cemetery), 26 (St. John’s)
  • German Congregational Church and Cemetery, 26 (Cemetery has been later referred to as Strike Cemetery)
  • E. Bradford Cemetery, 22 (Kienitz)
  • Union Church, 17
  • Swedish Lutheran Church, 32 (Long Lake)
  • Swedish Baptist Church, 31


  • Bradford Post Office, 18 (See also Spencer Brook Township)
  • Blacksmith Shop, 13

The historical comments regarding each township is taken from Minerva Hixson’s Yesterdays as well as from other documents and records at the Isanti County Historical Society.