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Dalbo Township

Dalbo is the youngest township having been established in 1886. It is the only township in the country with a Swedish name. Dalbo means “home of the Dalcarlians,” the people from the province of Dalarna, Sweden.

Some of the earliest settlement occurred in the vicinity of the two Stanchfield Lakes in the western part of the township. The Lundbergs, Kronas and P. S. Swanson’s settled there. Other early settlers were the Eric Nelsons, Andrew Blixts, Ole Mattsons, Lars Olson and Louis Andersons.

The two lakes are drained by Stanchfield Creek which winds through the township and also through Maple Ridge and Spring Vale before it flows into the Rum River. The town of Dalbo was established in the southeast part of the township.

A large area of the northwestern part is swamp and bog largely owned by the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad Company.

School Districts:

  • No. 40-Lincoln or Dalbo, 35
  • No. 52-Carmody, 32
  • No. 54-Wittier or Tolin, 13

Churches and Cemeteries:

  • Baptist Church and Cemetery, 36 (Dalbo)


  • Dalbo Post Office, 36
  • Blacksmith Shop, 33
  • Feed Mill, 36
  • Sawmill, 33

The historical comments regarding each township is taken from Minerva Hixson’s Yesterdays as well as from other documents and records at the Isanti County Historical Society.